New Website!!!

I am very excited to have a new look and feel for my website in the works!

While my web designer and I whip this site into shape in these delicious dessert colors, I ask for everyone’s patience while we work out the perfect recipe for how to present “The Muffin Top Diet” to the world 🙂

The main page is shaping up beautifully: our inspiration is a high fashion Muffin-Mix box!

While we test out which spicy and sweet dessert colors and layouts are best, please know that Dr. Lexis is here to answer your questions and personally take your orders for packages and e-books while the site is still cooking 😉

I’m mixing up all kinds of new articles, books to publish, and programs to share in the kitchen of creativity, and I look forward to serving up more fabulous meals of information for y’all soon, so we can have our just desserts, have our cake, and our slim figures too!!!

Wishing everyone a great 2014!  And remember, you don’t need to count calories to achieve your New Years’ resolutions…

You just need “The Muffin Top Diet”!!!  No calorie counting.  Just the right recipe for your slim, sexy, succulent success!!!

xo, Dr. Lexis.

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