Meet Dr. Lexis

Certified Coach

“Have a better image at work, feel sexier, attract more happiness into your life, be healthier and find your ideal weight. Think positive. You can get that flat belly back. Get your Muffin Top Diet™ now.”

~Lexis Johnson, PhD~

 Lexis Johnson survived a slow uphill battle with all her stresses in life raising a large family alone with little support while having a lot of health issues. With no medical help advised during her pregnancies she went on a lifelong quest to find the real truth and master solutions that work for busy career women. What she discovered became the “Muffin Top Diet™” and her fool-proof “Muffin Top Diet Quizzes” to help you identify your health and stress challenges.

Lexis Johnson aka “Dr. Lexis” has an amazing program 3 decades in the making that helps busy burned out women deal with stress, belly fat, brain fog and empower successful women to find balance, re-ignite lost passions and melt away that belly fat with the “Muffin Top Diet™” Program.

While finding the truth about what’s eating women in the food system, Lexis found her purpose to help millions of women all over the world.

At the start of a huge recession when everybody else she knew was either losing their homes or moving away, she was caught between an auto accident and her grief  and stress as she struggled on her own.

She had lived a full life as a successful millionaire then tragedy struck. Health insurance stopped with the passing of her husband and when a car struck hers from behind both her health and her wealth quickly disappeared.

Dr. Lexis struggled to get back on her feet to build her business again. She had to relearn the work gleaned through many years of studying alternative medicine, nutrition and naturopathy. She was put to the ultimate test as she discovered how stress can cause women not to think straight!

Despite the obstacles Lexis went through, she obtained her Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Performance as a Lifewave Manager and got two Outstanding Achievement Awards for Wheel of Life as DNA Counsellor.

After decades of extremely successful coaching in nutrition and lifestyle choices as Master Herbalist, Nutritional Consultant, and Traditional Naturopath, Dr. Lexis is getting ready to embark on her new journey as author of the “7 FairyTales of Weight Loss & One Very Happy Ending For YOU!” available through Amazon as well as forthcoming CEO, editor and publisher of the “Muffin Top Diet™” for Busy Burned Out Business Women online magazine coming soon in iTunes at the Apple Store.

Today, successful career and business women struggle to find “me-time” and Dr. Lexis is here to listen, understand, and provide solutions that actually work! She is determined to help women all over the world overcome their struggles through the Muffin Top Diet™ Program.

Expertise & Credentials:

  • Certified Life Coach
  • Official Guide to Fat Loss at
  • International regular author of the Health Section in “Executive-Lifestyles” online magazine
  • DNA Counsellor
  • Stress, diet, energy strategist
  • Nutritional consultant
  • Lightworker, Color and Sound Therapist
  • Chakra & Shamanic Healer
  • Registered Aromatherapist
  • Master of over 20 healing modalities including Reiki, Chios Energy & Quantum Healing




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