What People Are Saying

“Lexis is a great talent exceeded only by her amazing ability to work with everyone. She has an innate ability to create relationships quickly with new customers and is able to communicate clearly while thinking on her feet. She has been successful as a result of her amazing people skills and sales abilities. She has strategized with me to help determine the best approach with difficult customers many times with much success.”

~Greg Winston~

Motivational Speaker * Leadership Development * Corporate Culture Guru * Author * Speaker


“Lexis is a professional team leader in any field. If there is something she is not 100% about she will be sure to fulfill the answer. She is caring and will do everything she can to help others. She is thorough and quite the motivator. I would be honored to have her as a team leader. Pride equals success and she has plenty.”

~John L. Nunez~

Operations Manager at Jones Lang LaSalle



“I have been extremely impressed with the depth of knowledge that Lexis has in the nutritional field. People who are looking for natural alternatives to improve their conditions would do well to spend time looking at the information on her website.”

~Ron Morefield~

CEO at MarketingOnlineMastery.com



“Dr. Johnson’s nutrition program has made a huge impact on my life. Prior to using her plan, I was 150 pounds overweight, and felt sluggish and foggy. Her holistic program gave me radiant skin, hard shiny nails, a clear head, and amazing energy. I’ve lost over 75 lbs so far eating a healthy diet and I never feel deprived or suffer from cravings. I can’t wait to reach my goal! Dr. Lexis is a genius!”

~WC Smitherman~

Managing Director at Carolina Capital Advisors, LLC


“I have known Lexis for a long time .She has a great human understanding and knowledge of her abilities and is able to manifest them in her pursuit of fulfilling client’s needs. Give her a try. There is no better recommendation than seeing results.”

~Augustine MacMillan~

CEO Augustine Cycle Analysis


 “Lexis, on both a personal and professional level, brings a strong combination of knowledge, intuitiveness and humanity to everything she does.”

~Ron Sosenko~

Owner, Koppla Nutrients